AFD gets donation that will keep fire fighters from mouth to snout resuscitation

A donation to the Asheville Fire Department will mean no more mouth to snout resuscitation for firefighters.

The Asheville Fire Department received 17 packs, one for each truck, each containing three different sized animal masks for pets or other animals overcome by smoke. That’s a total of 51 masks donated. The O-2 masks were the idea of Cam MacQueen from The Block off Biltmore. It's in response to the recent wildfires and the overall concern for pets in distress. She got 60 kits donated and rushed to the front of the Gatlinburg fires when they erupted.

“It's something that's so easy. An animal involved in a smoke incident will die fairly quickly. But it doesn't take but a few seconds of the oxygen to resuscitate the animal, so these are really life saving devices,” MacQueen said.

Firefighters demonstrated how it works on Karma, who's up for adoption at Brother Wolfe.

The mask is placed over or near the animal’s snout to deliver a steady flow of oxygen.

Each pack can be as much as $70, and the donation allows the fire department to put resources toward other needs.

MacQueen also got three packs donated to the N.C. Forest Service because it didn’t have any animal masks. The donations are made possible with help from Invisible Fences.

If your fire department is in need of animal O-2 masks, you can reach out to Kenneth Clifton, with Invisible Fences, for assistance. Call 865-621-1129 for more information.

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