Latest track puts Alberto just west of WNC; heavy rain still likely next week

Photo: NOAA

Alberto's latest track is just west of our region, and heavy rain is likely across WNC next week.

Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms still linger over WNC through the evening. Any area that had heavy rain Saturday could flood if any additional rain falls in those locations tonight.

Be prepared to move to higher ground if a FLASH FLOOD WARNING is issued where you live.

Overnight and Sunday morning should be quiet, but scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected Sunday afternoon. At the same time, abundant moisture from Subtropical Storm Alberto begins to move into our region.

Alberto is still two days away from landfall. The Alabama and Florida Gulf Coasts are preparing for it to land sometime Monday evening.

Between 6 and 12 inches of rain are expected in the Gulf Coast. The highest amount, as of Saturday evening, looks to be in northwest Florida.

In WNC, much of the rain should arrive Sunday night through Monday morning. This will increase flood potential for the region, especially along southerly and southeasterly facing mountain slopes in the foothills and Southern Blue Ridge.

Polk County officials have recommended a voluntary evacuation in specific areas by 5 p.m. Sunday, May 27, ahead of the subtropical storm conditions that are forecast to affect the area Sunday night through early next week.

“The county has been surveyed by professional geologists, and these storms will further destabilize areas that have experienced above average rainfall and potentially cause further landslides," said Polk County Emergency Management director Bobby Arledge. "A heightened level of concern exists for residents in and around areas that have already experienced land movement.”

Areas of heightened concern in Polk County include:

  • Highway 176 from North Wall Road to 3910 Hwy 176
  • Warrior Drive from Baker Drive to Meadowlark Drive
  • Meadowlark Drive and intersecting roads
  • Walcot Farm Lane
  • Miller Mountain Road
  • Rixhaven Subdivision
  • Green River Cove Road
  • Holbert Cove Road

Residents who need assistance evacuating the area should contact Polk County at 828-894-0188.

Most flood deaths occur in vehicles. Do not attempt to cross water-covered roadways, bridges, or low-level crossings.

Only a few inches of rapidly flowing water can carry away your vehicle. Remember, TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN.

The additional heavy rain will increase the risk of landslides, especially in areas where slides have occurred in the past. Be especially alert if you are near a stream, especially at the base of a mountain or in a cove.

Watch for loose-moving soil and rocks or a sudden increase in streamflow. Leave the area quickly if this is observed.

When driving along roads where the terrain is steep or rocky, watch and listen for falling rocks, mud, trees and other debris.

Stay on top of local weather conditions here.

View interactive weather radar here.

Sign up for texts about weather threats here.

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