Altamont Theatre set to close at the end of the year

Altamont Theatre is set to close at the end of the year (Photo by WLOS staff)

UPDATE: The owners of the Altamont Theatre building share more about their plans here and in the statement below:

A downtown Asheville theatre is set to close at the end of the year after one of the men who run it says the building owner has plans to turn the space into condominiums.

“We started January 1, 2015 and yeah, we've been plugging away,” said Richard Barrett.

Barrett says over the last three years they’ve kept the music flowing but have also used the space for weddings, rehearsal dinners and corporate events.

News 13 tried to reach out to the owner to find the exact plans for the space, but never heard back from him.

“I just know that the landlord saw condominiums and he's got 6 short-term rentals upstairs. They're vacation suites and I guess he saw the downstairs as a higher use for the space here rather than the music venue,” said Barrett.

The change is part of the growing conversation in Asheville housing that Gwen Wisler, the city’s vice mayor and member of the housing and community development committee is a part of.

“I'd love to see it be available for full-time residents of Asheville that work here,” she said.

What’s a little harder to see, finding a balance between the amount of local businesses and available housing space.

“As to the balance of what's for business and what's for residences downtown, I don't know. that's going to be a balance that the citizens will have to help us make,” said Wisler.

For Barrett, no matter what goes up, he’ll spend the last couple of months enjoying the fruits of his labor.

“Go out with a bang,” he said. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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