American Airlines affiliate passengers frustrated in efforts to get into and out of AVL

American Airlines passengers flying out of Asheville may have to brace themselves for more canceled flights. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

American Airlines passengers flying out of Asheville may have to brace themselves for more canceled flights. An airline spokesperson would not provide News 13 a specific explanation on what is causing its subsidiary, PSA Airlines, problems that have led to hundreds of canceled flights since last Thursday.

ABC News reports a Charlotte Airport official said 328 stranded passengers spent the night at the airport Monday night.

News 13 spoke with an American Airlines passenger who said she, too, was stranded in Charlotte. The passenger, who spoke on the condition her name would not be used because she feared retaliation by the airline, said she flew into Charlotte at 8 a.m. Monday from Washington, D.C., and was stranded for seven hours. She said American agents were of no help getting her to Asheville and kept assuring her a flight would go. But, she said, no flight ever left. She said she ended up hitching a ride to Asheville with other stranded passengers.

“I’m not flying American again,” another passenger, Lisa Tatom, said. “I can’t. It's cost me more to do this trip than it was planned to be because I've had to get hotel rooms, rental cars, just to get around.”

Tatom, a massage therapist, came to Asheville for class training. She said she’s been trying to depart for days, but American agents haven’t been able to assist her. She ended up on a shuttle bus to Charlotte. She said she hopes to get a flight home to Texas from there.

American has not provided specifics on the issue, but a company spokesperson, Katie Cody, by email told News 13.

“The PSA issue was due to a latency issue with applications,” Cody said. “So, our crew scheduling was running very slow.”

Cody did not return an email requesting a clearer explanation of the issue causing canceled flights. The situation is now in its sixth day. Tina Kinsey, spokeswoman for Asheville Regional Airport, urged American passengers to stay up to date on flight status and to to stay in touch with American.

A statement on their website all day Monday stated PSA Airlines has stabilized its computer systems and is working to reintroduce flying and get back to regular operations. Asheville has seven outbound flights daily on American. Six of the seven were canceled as of 4 p.m. Monday.

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