Animals Seized from Mitchell County Home

MITCHELL COUNTY N.C. -- Sheriff's deputies took 59 dogs and cats from the Mitchell County home of Grace, 73, and Boyd Davis, 78 on Thursday.

Mitchell County's lead animal cruelty investigator Patricia Beam calls it the worst case of animal hoarding she has ever seen.

"Many were locked in cages that had feces inches deep, with a bit of pet food scattered on top," Beam said.

The couple face animal cruelty charges but could face additional charges. Two cat carcasses were found in a cage along with a live cat. Necropsies are being done on the carcasses to see if the cats died from neglect. One very sick dog had to be euthanized Beam said.

Sheriff Donald Street had deputies confiscate three rifles, one shotgun and one pistol from the Davis' home after he said Boyd Davis made threats to do harm to himself after he surrendered his animals to deputies.

Beam said Davis also made threats that he would kill her due to the hoarding investigation she led. Davis told News 13 he didn't think his animals were in poor condition. But numerous dogs at the Mitchell shelter suffered from undernourishment, flea infestation, wounds, and other eye infections.

The animals are not ready for adoption.

When News 13 asked Grace and Boyd Davis how they ended up with so many dogs, they replied that they kept having litters.

Beam said many of the dogs were inbred. Mitchell County investigators encourage anyone with information on animal neglect to call authorities.

Click here for more information about how you can help or adopt the animals.

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