Annual Autumn Leaves Scrabble Tournament is 'full-contact mind sport'

Photo: WLOS staff

Saturday was the 12th annual Autumn Leaves Scrabble Tournament in Asheville.

Wordsmiths from 17 different states and even one Canadian province participated at the Stephens Lee Recreation center.

Last year's North American Scrabble champion, David Gibson, is from Spartanburg.

Only two people play, and a chess clock is used to keep the game moving.

"It's the full-contact mind sport," said tournament director Bill Snoddy. "So we'll play eight games today, another seven games on sunday and a lot of people are going to go home with, some money, not much money in scrabble, but mainly some pride that they've won more games then they've lost."

Scrabble-related computer software is used when words are challenged.

Play continues Sunday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

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