Annual Topless Rally scheduled for next weekend in Downtown Asheville

Photo credit: WLOS Staff will hold its Annual Topless Rally at Pack Square in Asheville, NC on Sunday, August 26th from 1pm until 3pm.

The rally is a public gathering of men and women who support a woman's right to be topless anywhere a man can be shirtless without fear of being arrested.

Spokesperson LaDonna Allison said, “Laws that govern men and women differently based solely on gender is not only wrong, but is unconstitutional. We live in a country that says it is all right for me to carry my gun in public but my breasts are an offense.”

This year, GoTopless Day falls precisely on Women's Equality Day, Aug 26. It is indeed on Aug 26, 1920 that women earned their right to vote on the basis of Gender Equality. In 1971, the US Congress has made Aug 26 into a nationally recognized date and named it "Women's Equality Day".

Rallies promoting topless equality are slated to be staged in over 30 locations in the USA and on every continent (except Antarctica).

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