Asheville business kicked off Facebook for promoting something legal in North Carolina

Local CBD dispensary Franny’s Farmacy had its Facebook pages shutdown for several weeks after Facebook accused the business of “promoting the sale of prescription medication” and “encouraging drug use.” (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

A local CBD dispensary had its Facebook pages shutdown for several weeks.

"There’s just no question about it that taking that away from us is going to hurt our business," Franny’s Farmacy co-owner Jeff Tacy said.

"It's a very essential marketing tool when you get started in business," Franny’s Farmacy co-owner Franny Tacy said.

Franny and Jeff Tacy said their work Facebook pages were taken down without any warning.

"We had that up for about the first month, got a few thousand followers, it was great, it was really driving sales, then it disappeared," Franny said.

This happened right about the same time they were opening a second store in Hendersonville.

"So, we launched a new Facebook page for that," Franny said.

She said that page was up for about four days.

"Then that got shut down," Franny said.

These screenshots show Facebook accusing the pages of “promoting the sale of prescription medication” and “encouraging drug use,” which is against Facebook’s policy.

"All sorts of bogus not appropriate information," Franny said.

"When Facebook did that to us, they didn't even honor the appeal process or anything, they just took us down and cut us off," Jeff said.

But the Tacys said things changed when an article was written about what happened in the Carolina Cannabis News, a media outlet that covers cannabis issues.

"As soon as [the reporter] published that, within three minutes Facebook personally reached out and said they would personally look into this," Franny said.

On Tuesday, the pages were republished.

Now, the Tacys are hoping a federal bill making its way through Washington will help prevent things like this from happening in the future.

Though hemp is legal in North Carolina, the Farm Bill, among many other things, would legalize hemp throughout the country.

"We are going to see time for its impact, but it’s not going to be instant," Franny said.

The Farm Bill was approved by Congress on Wednesday. It has already been approved by the Senate. Now, it will go before President Donald Trump.

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