People's Climate March set for Saturday; sister march planned in Asheville

An Asheville Climate March is set for 10 a.m. at Vance Monument and will move in several directions to spread the word. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

People across the country plan to march Saturday in support of the environment. It's a national movement called "The People's Climate March."

The march has been an annual occurrence across the globe since the UN Climate summit in 2014.

A large turnout is expected in Washington D.C., with sister marches planned around the world including right here in Asheville, or "Climate City."

Several prominent speakers will talk to the crowd about 10 a.m. around the Vance Monument, where the marchers plan to gather.

One of those speakers, Dayna Reggero, recently created a series that told the stories of mothers across the country and how they're directly affected by climate change.

"We can't go backwards on the Paris climate agreement, on clean air, clean water regulations," Reggero says. "And we need to be thinking about how to move forward and create solutions and take action because climate change impacts are already being seen in our area and around the country."

More information about The People's Climate March can be found here.

Specific information about the sister march in Asheville can be found here or here.

And to follow along with Dayna's climate series, head to the website here.

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