Asheville is #2 on list of 10 U.S. cities gentrifying the fastest

Asheville has made another list: We're #2 on's list of the 10 U.S. cities gentrifying the fastest.

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According to the story, Asheville has achieved 50 percent of its gentrification potential, and has seen its median home price increase by 88 percent between 2000 and 2015, from $125,000 to $235,000.

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Here's some of what the article had to say about Asheville:

Back in 2000, Rolling Stone called Asheville “America’s new freak capital,” attracting an eclectic population of hippies, artists, and musicians. Today, tourists flock to its craft beer breweries, and gated golf communities sell homes for prices as high as $6.5 million—but the quirky, creative characters who once defined the city are vanishing.

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Here's the full list:

  1. Charleston, S.C.
  2. Asheville, N.C.
  3. Washington, D.C.
  4. Portland, Ore.
  5. Denver, Co.
  6. Nashville, Tenn.
  7. Sacramento, Ca.
  8. Jersey City, N.J.
  9. Long Beach, Ca.
  10. Austin, Texas

Read the full article here.

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