Asheville man recounts Las Vegas shooting massacre

    Zach Brady and his wife Brittany (Photo Courtesy: Zach Brady)<p>{/p}

    An Asheville man is grateful to be alive after working the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas when the shots rang out.

    “We jumped under the platform and at this point we can hear stuff hitting all around us. There's wood flying off the riser that we're underneath. There's a big metal barricade. You can hear the shots firing, hitting that barricade ringing through, so we just got down,” Zach Brady said.

    He was there with several others from his company, dd&b audiotechnik, waiting to tear down for the night when the shooting started.

    He said he immediately started praying and thinking about his family.

    “My wife's expecting, so we have a son due in December, so I'm literally thinking to myself, 'I'm never going to meet my son',” Brady said.

    At some point, someone told him to run and he headed for a hangar where he was able to call his wife.

    “That was my number one fear, that my wife would wake up to the news before she heard from me and my phone would be dead,” he said. “I didn't want her to have to go through thinking I was dead.”

    Before finishing the call, he says his battery died.

    That’s when he started helping others in the hangar.

    “We were ripping up mechanic’s rags and giving them to people. There were people wrapping up people's legs. There were people just doing all these things to help the other people there. I mean, there's people covered in blood. There's people taking off their jackets and giving them to people so they weren't covered in blood,” said Brady.

    He said he doesn’t know why he made it out alive, but he is grateful.

    “All I know is I should feel blessed and thankful just to God and my family for their overwhelming support,” he said.

    Click here to listen to Brady recount the full experience.

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