Asheville officers take part in mountain bike competition

Asheville officers take part in mountain bike competition

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- Friday was Earth Day, but for some Asheville police officers, they're a little extra green on the job, every day.

The downtown bike unit goes without gas when they hit the streets.

Police say it's a quicker, more efficient way to get around downtown that also reduces the department's carbon footprint.

"You know even from a price standpoint, you're looking at spending less money on fuel," Sgt. Evan Coward said. "Fuel prices keep going up, and it is a greener way of doing business."

The department says the unit is also helpful because officers are more approachable when they're getting around on bikes.

On Friday afternoon, the officers took part in a mountain bike competition at the Crown Plaza Expo Center. A worldwide mountain bike conference kicks off Saturday in Asheville.

The week-long event is geared toward law enforcement personnel and paramedics. Over seven days, officers will be able to get bike certified, and compete with one another.

About 300 people are set to attend the international police mountain bike conference, with some even coming from Europe

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