'Suspicious package' at Henderson County Sheriff's Office turns out to be coffee mug

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

A suspicious package that prompted the evacuation of the Henderson County Sheriff's Office turned out to be coffee mug mailed by a family friend.

The incident started just after 2 p.m. when a woman stopped by the sheriff's office and dropped off a box she had picked up at the post office.

She told authorities she wasn't expecting a package and didn't recognize the address. She was concerned because of recent cases of explosives being shipped to other states.

Protocol requires the sheriff's office to take these situations seriously, so a bomb squad and detectives were called in to investigate.

"Our main objective with the X-ray was to make sure it wasn't an explosive device, and, once we were sure that it was not, we were able to resume normal operations," Major Frank Stout said.

The woman who dropped off the box asked to remain anonymous, but tells News 13 she plans to remain vigilant.

"I would do it again," said the woman. "If I received a package and didn't know where it came from, I'd bring it down."

Stout said, though he's thankful the woman was cautious, he recommends not picking up any suspicious packages. He said you should just call 911 and let them handle it.

“I commend this person for being aware and that's what we talk about, be aware of your surroundings," said Stout. "She was very vigilant and saw that there could be an issue and brought it to law enforcement's attention.”

By 3:18 p.m., the scene was cleared.

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