Avery's Creek career fair helps next generation explore career options

Move over Jason Boyer--you've got some competition.

At an annual event that helps students decide what they want to be when they grow up, fire fighters, law enforcement and television news teams showed up at Avery's Creek Elementary School.

Firefighter Mike was with Skyland Fire and Rescue. He and his team are just one of the many people participating in this years career fair.

The event gives kids an opportunity to learn about different career choices.

"I can really tell what the weather is going to be like I have a feeling it's either going to rain and we're like going to have a chance of a rainbow coming into the sky cause it's part sunny and part rainy," said poddible future forecaster Sydney, a second-grader.

Twenty-five presenters participated in this year's career fair.

Presenters included the Asheville Police Department, the highway patrol and the Buncombe County Sheriff's Department.

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