BBB warns of 'Relationship Scam'

    "The Relationship Scam" is aimed right at your wallet—and heart. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

    A scam alert just in time for Valentine's Day.

    This one is aimed right at your wallet—and heart.

    It's called "The Relationship Scam."

    Scammers get to know you online, they create a fake profile, and you start chatting.

    You start trusting this person, and that's when they strike.

    "The Romance Scam is, unfortunately, very common in The State of North Carolina. Last year, 2018, reported losses by victims was $5.9 million,” Julie Goodwin, with the Better Business Bureau, said.

    The scammers are usually from overseas—or at least that's what they tell their victims—and that's their reason for not meeting.

    "All of a sudden your new sweetheart has a problem, and guess what they need? Money. They need your money," Goodwin said.

    According to Goodwin, it's OK to meet people online; but if they start asking for money that's an automatic red flag.

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