Billy Graham casket departs the US Capitol for Charlotte

Image credit: WLOS Staff

Reverend Billy Graham is now on his way back to Charlotte after lying in honor at US Capitol Rotunda.

A gloomy day in Washington DC, but the rain didn’t stop a crowd from gathering Thursday to say goodbye to Billy Graham.

The crowd began to sing Amazing Grace as his casket came down the Capitol steps and was placed inside the hearse.

Some in attendance were a little disappointed they didn’t get to go inside to see him lying in honor on the Capitol rotunda but they are still happy that they were able to see this part of history.

Shawn Smith, Boulder City Nevada, “I don’t believe in anything such as coincidences. I think these people who came and stood in the rain came and served a God’s choir to give Billy Graham a sound off and I’m very pleased that I’m a part of this ceremony and I look forward to one day seeing Reverend Graham and Ruth Graham in heaven.”

Tom Melonic, Buffalo, NY, “Never been to the rotunda, so I was hoping to get in there. Unfortunately, I guess the schedules were mixed up so I didn’t make that but I’ll get it later on. But

It’s just a pleasure to be here to pay my respects to a great man.”

Reverend Graham’s body will fly back to Charlotte for the funeral Friday.

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