Billy Graham's will released to public

Photo: BGEA

Billy Graham's last will and testament has been released to the public.

"I urge all who shall read this document to read and study the Scriptures daily and to trust only in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation," Graham wrote.

The will itself is 16 pages long. Much of it is a standard legal document that divides up assets and designates executors.

However, Graham did not pass up the opportunity to preach one last time.

"When you read this I will be safely with Jesus in Paradise," he wrote.

"I read it, and then I read it again and I thought to myself 'This is Billy's last sermon," said author Ken Garfield, who has written several book about Graham.

"You could take these first six or seven paragraphs of (the) will, and it's kind of the story of his life," said Garfield.

Graham also muses about the great wealth that came with his ministry. "We have tried to use our material blessings for the glory of God," he wrote.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, now led by Franklin Graham, is listed as a beneficiary in the will. So are Graham's five children and his literary trust, which holds the copyrights to his works.

"I think what people will take from this is that Billy is preaching 'til the end, and after the end," Garfield said.

"Whether I have handled things properly or not, we will have to await the judgement at the Judgement Seat of Christ when all things will be revealed," Graham wrote.

Graham passed away February 21 at the age of 99.

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