Brace yourself, Cantore is here...or not

    Photo credit: Jim Cantore Twitter

    Jim Cantore, extreme weather chaser and, some would say, bad luck omen from The Weather Channel. You'll hear his name a lot when it comes to extreme weather and impending doom. So it should come as no surprise, now that Western North Carolina has it's own winter weather event in the forecast, that rumors of Cantore sightings have once again made their way around social media.

    One photo of Cantore has been shared numerous times with folks claiming it's Cantore arriving in Charlotte. Sad news, that photo is actually from a story by the Boston Herald from January 2015.

    So the question remains, is Jim Cantore bringing his weather "luck" to North Carolina just in time for a record-threatening snow storm? He might be, but no one has confirmed it at this time.

    He has referenced the Carolina's and the impending storm on his Twitter account in the past 12 hours:

    But he's made no mention of actually visiting or being here. In fact, in the same time period, he's also mentioned flooding in Malibu, wildfires in California, snow and ice across the central states and snow at Lake Ontario.

    We also know that The Weather Channel shared out a video this morning with Cantore and Stephanie Abrams after they spoke with North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper about storm preprations.

    So is Jim Cantore in North Carolina and possibly making his way to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina? Maybe! But we haven't been able to confirm that with any official source at this time. If that changes, we'll be sure to let everyone know.

    Please continue preparing for the weekend weather and stay warm!

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