Buncombe County man has surgery after rock hit car windshield

A Buncombe County man is in the hospital after a rock was thrown threw his windshield by a passing car. (Photo credit: Pedro Jose Montiel)

A Buncombe County man is in the hospital after a rock was thrown thru his windshield by a passing car.

It happened about 11:45 p.m. Monday in Leicester.

"I never experienced something like that in my life," said Pedro Jose Montiel, who was in the victim’s car during the incident.

Montiel said he was picked up from work by his mom and her boyfriend.

He said they were driving down Green Valley Road, when they passed a car coming the opposite direction.

“As soon as we passed by each other, something came through the windshield," said Montiel.

That something was a large rock that struck his mom’s boyfriend, Charles Smith, who was driving the car.

"I just heard glass shatter,” said Montiel “It really happened so fast it was almost like a gunshot."

Montiel said the next thing he knew, Smith was passed out in the driver seat.

"He was just lifeless, and we really both thought he was gone," said Montiel.

While worrying about Smith's condition, Montiel also had to deal with the fact that the car was still moving.

"We were close to going off of a ditch,” said Montiel. “It was pretty bad."

Montiel reached over and grabbed the wheel to control the car, then pulled the emergency brake and was able to stop the car safely.

Montiel said almost immediately someone showed up to help.

"A guy in a truck came down the road and said he heard screams,” said Montiel. “He turned on his emergency lights and he helped us out and he called the police and told them it was serious."

Montiel said now he's just wondering why the person responsible would do something so reckless.

"I don't know what type of sick in the head thing comes from throwing a rock into someone’s vehicle that's moving at 40 mph," said Montiel.

Smith had facial surgery and will be recovering at Mission Hospital for the next few days.

If you have any information on what happened, you're being asked to reach out to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office.

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