Buncombe County man sets the tone for love, acceptance at special camp

    The Rev. Jamie Brame, our Person of the Week, is the longtime program director at Camp Sunshine, held at Christmount in Black Mountain. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

    Our Person of the Week has spent decades at a special camp that feels more like a vacation with good friends.

    The Rev. Jamie Brame is the longtime program director at Camp Sunshine, held at Christmount in Black Mountain.

    Each year, he's among the dedicated staff and volunteers who embrace adults with special needs who often feel overlooked.

    "We don't look at them as what's their need, what is their condition," Brame explains. "We look at them as people and they're our friends and we're their friends."

    At Camp Sunshine, there are too many rays to count. It's a highlight of Brame's summer.

    We followed camper David Peevy, who was determined to spread the word.

    "Hey Hans, I'm gonna be on TV man," he bragged. "News 13 man!"

    "Are you crazy?" another camper asked.

    David's not our Person of the Week, but he can certainly vouch for the guy who is.

    "He's a good dude," David says. "He's a cool fellow. I like him."

    When we arrived, the campers were making drawings to send to kids separated from families at the border.

    "They are writing letters to children of parents that are in detention right now. Some of them really understand what's going on," he told us.

    For two decades, Jamie's helped set the tone at Camp Sunshine.

    "But what's most gratifying is seeing the smiles on their faces. When you walk into the room, they come running to you for hugs," he said.

    Satisfied customers include David and Sonia.

    "It's fun to be here. It's got a good bunch of people and I love it," David beams.

    "Lot of games and crafts and stuff," Sonia stressed. "And I just like the staff."

    Jamie works tirelessly to make sure the camp experience is everything they expect.

    Executive director Rob Morris says he's the perfect fit.

    "I think that's just in his nature," Morris says. "He loves people, he loves all people. He sees this as part of his calling, his vocation, just to give people the opportunity to come to camp."

    Camp Sunshine is far more than a camp, it's a setting where big smiles make life's problems seem small.

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