Buncombe County snow continues to fall, thousands without power

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

The snow continues to fall in Asheville even after Public Works street crews battled snow-covered streets all night. But with the storm still in progress, many roads are not passable.

“All roads are snow-covered, and it is still snowing,” said Streets Operations Manager Jerry Yates, who worked the overnight shift. “The snow is covering it up as fast as we can plow it off.”

As of 7 a.m., downed trees are adding to the situation, blocking these roads at daybreak Sunday:

  • 463 Emma Road
  • Robinhood at Brookwood
  • Chunns Cove at Rivercane

Duke Energy says that, as of 6:30 a.m., there are about 18,700 outages in Buncombe County. For context, that figure was 3,700 at midnight.

Crews at All Seasons Landscaping say it’s difficult to keep up with the plowing in this weather.

“It’s impossible to clean it all up at this point. Right now, we’re gonna try to get customers the ability to get in the entrances and get into the retail stores themselves hopefully safe, but we definitely have to wait until the end of the snowfall before we can clean it all,” said Tony Kinch.

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