Buncombe County to receive more than $2M connected to Wanda Greene case

(FILE PHOTO) Wanda Greene. Photo: WLOS

As Buncombe County gets money back that's connected to the Wanda Greene case, the government says that when Greene was county manager, she spent more than $2 million on illegal life insurance policies for county employees.

"Of that approximately $2,310,000, six hundred thousand was used to purchase insurance for the benefit of Ms. Greene and her son," said attorney Ron Payne.

The county says all of the recipients, except for Wanda Greene and her son, Michael Greene, signed their policies back over to the county, meaning the county owned the policies.

News 13 received those policies, but the names were redacted.

On Tuesday afternoon, Buncombe County commissioners unanimously approved a settlement with the insurance company for more than $2 million.

The county will still seek money back from Wanda and Michael Greene.

Attorney Ron Payne, who provides legal counsel for the Buncombe County commission, said this has been a tedious process.

"My hope is that eventually, at the end of the day, we're gonna recover all the money that this county has lost," Payne added.

Payne said he's subpoenaing documents from banks because he still has other questions based on other financial information they've received in this case.

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