Charges dropped against high school student who claimed he was bullied & fought back

    Photo credit: WLOS

    A Haywood County mother says the juvenile court charges against her son following a racially-motivated bullying incident have been dropped.

    Jordan Johnson says her 15-year-old son was confronted by a student in a bathroom at Pisgah High School in December. Johnson says the student pushed and called her son a racial slur. Johnson says it wasn’t the first time her son had faced bullying because of his race. In response, he fought back, injuring the student. He was then charged originally with felony assault inflicting serious injury, before the charges were dropped down to a misdemeanor.

    Johnson tells News 13 that the charges against her son were dropped on January 18, 2019, after he had complied with all the judge’s order and the victim failed to show up for court-mandated mediation.

    Johnson says the family is happy they can now move on from the incident.

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