City of Asheville: Streets Division treating icy roads

Photo: City of Asheville snowMapper

The City of Asheville says that Asheville Public Works Street Division crews are treating the streets with pure salt, focusing on priority 1 streets and the area around the U.S. Cellular Center.

Once the temperatures drop below 18 degrees or so, the salt becomes much less effective, and that should happen around midnight, advises Public Works Director Greg Shuler.

Travel will be very dangerous until the temperatures improve on New Year’s Day.

Priority 1 streets can be found on the Snowmapper link on mapAsheville. These are main thoroughfares emergency responders need cleared, such as routes to the hospital.

The snowMapper Provides access to snow removal route data with primary, secondary and other road designations.

Check out the City of Asheville Snowmapper here.

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