Cold Christmas in Asheville

Sun setting over Asheville (Courtesy: WLOS)

It's usually quieter around town on Christmas, but the weather kept even more people from heading out.

In the kind of cold we had Monday, roles of owner and pet reversed. The pets pulled the people into the French Broad River Dog Park.

"She has to move, regardless of the cold," said Sanford Cohen, following his dog into the park.

After unwrapping presents, people had to wrap themselves up to stay warm.

"Had this great idea to come out on the cold," said Katy Stone with a laugh, who was visiting from Knoxville.

Even a dog had a sweater on. People braved the cold so their pets could get some exercise.

The weather had people trying to hide any exposed skin. We saw people covering their faces. One family from Florida wanted to be exposed to all of Asheville.

"It's great, awesome! We are (cold). It's good. It's just a little change from the 80's and sun we get every day," said Josh Lifrak.

His family hiked to see waterfalls. As the sun set, it was temperature that was falling.

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