Community meetings being held to discuss Charlotte Street improvements

    Photo credit: WLOS Staff

    How to make Charlotte Street safer, less congested and more functionalthat’s the goal.

    Two meetings are being held Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, at the Jewish Community Center in Asheville where members of the community are invited to share their ideas and opinions on the future of Charlotte Street.

    Photo credit: WLOS Staff

    The proposed changes to the busy stretch of Charlotte Street include safety improvements and zoning changes. The “road diet” will reduce the four lanes on Charlotte Street and drop it to three, with a 5-foot buffer on each side for bike lanes. Milling and repaving Charlotte Street from I-240 to Edwin Street, stormwater improvements, multimodal bike improvements and spot safety improvements. Simultaneously, Planning and Urban Design staff will work with the community to review and update the zoning for the corridor.

    The Planning and Urban Design Director for the City of Asheville says their first meeting Tuesday morning was well attended by the public and that business and home owners from the area had a lot of say. “One of the things I’ve heard from the community is that they’re really passionate. They love the character of the North Charlotte corridor,” said director Todd Okolichany.

    Photo credit: WLOS Staff

    The Asheville City Council allocated $1.25 million dollars for the project and expect it to take six months to complete.

    The evening meeting goes from 5:30pm-7pm at the Jewish Community Center, at 236 Charlotte Street. Community members are asked to not park in the JCC parking lot, as it is in use for their normal programming. Instead, parking is available at Envision Eyecare, HomeSource Design and Allegra.

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