PHOTOS | Crews fight deadly Arden house fire

Photos: Frank Abrams

UPDATE: Authorities have identified the man who was killed in the fire.

Investigators were combing the scene of a fatal Buncombe County house fire, which involved an explosion.

The fire broke out, which led to the death of one man, on Forest Ridge Drive in Arden late Sunday afternoon.

According to Chief Ryan Cole with Skyland Fire and Rescue, the man most likely died from smoke inhalation before firefighters arrived to the scene.

The fire appeared to have started in the garage below the office, where the man was found by firefighters.

Neighbors reported hearing two explosions, which, firefighters said, were from two propane tanks exploding in the garage.

The man's wife was outside in the yard as the fire engulfed part of the house.

Joseph Warren, a neighbor, saw more than half a dozen fire trucks lined along the road after hearing an explosion.

"It was a big boom. It must've been a propane tank or something substantial that exploded. It certainly sounded loud enough to take the windows out of the house," Warren said.

The explosion, he said, sounded far away.

"I actually worried about an airplane crashing at the airport or something. It sounded bigger and further away," Warren said. "We could feel it through the structure of the house, a little bit, and the windows rattled a little bit."

So, Warren said, he went to investigate.

"They had fire coming a few feet out of all the upstairs windows from what I could tell from riding my bike up there," Warren said.

The cause of the fire remained under investigation and the man’s name was not being released as of Sunday evening.

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