DNA from APD rape kit points to wanted man now charged with rape

Gerald Davis. Photo credit: Asheville Police Department

APD are asking for the public’s help to locate Gerald Davis, now charged in a 10-year-old Asheville rape case.

The victim told police her attacker raped her in the area of South French Broad Avenue. Police were able to submit the victim’s DNA rape kit from August 2008 this past spring.

Det. Lt. Sean Aardema said that a combination of more federal dollars funding tests, and the state crime lab’s adjustment of criteria for police to submit kits, helped the APD submit the test that identified Davis.

Aardema said of 573 untested rape kits, 275 are now eligible for submission.

Aardema said the victim did not know her attacker.

“In this case, if not for the hit back on the DNA sample, we never would have known it was him.”

Aardema said a detective working the case believes Davis is either near Asheville or east near Fayetteville. Police ask anyone with information about Davis' whereabouts to call APD.

Aardema said Davis’ DNA was in the CODIS DNA index system from prior crimes, though, Aardema said, he didn’t believe any of Davis’ convictions were violent crimes such as rape.

“There is a public interest in testing those kits,” said Anjelica Wind, executive director of Our VOICE, a sex assault advocacy non-profit. She said funding needs to be in place for future rape kits, not just old cases.

“Very much like this cold case. This is someone that could have perpetrated against other victims.”

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