Downtown Restaurant Announces No-Tipping Policy

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- A downtown Asheville restaurant announced Tuesday it will begin a no-tipping policy.

Blue Dream Curry House will no longer accept tips. The restaurant's owner said the new system is a better way to ensure they pay a living wage to employees, and to decrease the pay gap between front-of-house employees like servers and bartenders, and back-of-house employees, like chefs and cooks.

A Blue Dream co-owner thinks this is a better system.

"When you go into a retail establishment, and you get bad service from the clerk, you're not able to dock that clerk a portion of his salary to show that you're dissatisfied. You go talk to the manager. And the clerk still makes a salary," said co-owner Chris Cunningham.

"Then the manager who has experience in running his team, then can make a determination about his clerk's competency."

"It's no different here," he continued. "We feel like it's our job to compensate our staff, not 150 bosses over the course of the night all with different expectations."

Blue Dream already certifies it will pay its employees a living wage of $12.50 an hour.

Now it will pay that wage, as well as a bonus based on a percentage of the restaurant's sales.

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