Drivers stuck or moving slow as ice shuts down roads and highways

Photo: WLOS staff

Roads were a solid sheet of ice throughout much of the mountains, Upstate SC and parts of Georgia on Sunday.

News 13 heard reports of drivers stuck for hours on primary roads, highways, and interstates, with other drivers still stuck as conditions made a sudden and unexpected shift on Sunday afternoon.

A spokesperson for North Carolina Highway Patrol said calls were coming in about wrecks "left and right." Troopers said they were getting calls from McDowell, Buncombe, Jackson, and Haywood counties.

Troopers said Interstate 40 at the bottom of Old Fort Mountain was closed due to icy conditions, but opened up after about 5 hours.

Department of Transportation crews were treating roadways in all of the counties affected by the ice and sleet Sunday night.

News 13 spoke with one man involved in an accident in Asheville shortly after the roadways started freezing over.

"The air bag was in my face. So, we hopped the curb after we hit the gray car, or as we were hitting the gray car, and went right up over the curb," said Rabb Hassan, a passenger in the car. "A lot of sliding, when it's icy like this and it comes on quick, you really don't have time to brake."

People involved in that multi-vehicle accident told News 13 they were OK.

Check local travel conditions on the News 13 traffic page.

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