Duke Energy requests energy conservation overnight


Duke Energy has e-mailed customers requesting they conserve energy overnight until 10 a.m. Monday morning.

The low temperatures overnight could place strain on their grid and cause power outages.

Here's what Duke said in the e-mail:

Help us reduce energy use.

We’re calling on customers to reduce electricity use during the cold snap.

Right now, demand on the electrical grid is unusually high due to lingering frigid temperatures. While we’re doing all that we can to generate and deliver electricity, we need your help to lessen overall energy demand and reduce the potential for isolated power outages.

We are asking customers in your area to reduce electricity use through 10 a.m. Monday. Here’s how you can help:

? Turn off unnecessary lighting

? Reduce your thermostat to the lowest comfortable setting

? Postpone activities that require electricity

? Unplug unused cellphone/tablet chargers

? Operate ceiling fans in a clockwise direction, pushing warm air into the room

? Leave drapes or blinds open and allow sunlight in during the day, and close them after dark to insulate


Customers who experience power outages should call Duke Energy Progress' automated outage-reporting system at 800.419.6356.

Customers may also report an outage or view current outages online at duke-energy.com/outages or text OUT to 57801.


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