Experts give bear safety advice after dog killed in Black Mountain

    As the days start to get cooler, experts say even more bears will be out as they prepare for hibernation. (Image: Darcel Grimes)<p>{/p}

    It's been one day since a bear came inside a Black Mountain home and killed a family dog.

    It's a scary situation that has some folks in the area on alert.

    Saturday, News 13 spoke with the staff at the WNC Nature Center to find out what could have triggered the bear.

    Education specialist Lauren Pyle says, while she doesn't know what happened in this case specifically, issues like this usually arise when bears just become too accustomed to people.

    "We're definitely seeing a lot of bear activity this time of year," said Pyle. "Certainly the best thing people can do with bears is to try to let them stay as wild as possible."

    Pyle says, as the days start to get cooler, even more bears will be out as they prepare for hibernation.

    "They're definitely going to be hungry now," she said. "They're definitely opportunists when it comes to finding food, so they will go after whatever is easiest."

    Pyle's advice: If you see a bear, don't approach it. Leave it alone, and keep your property as clean as possible.

    "Like the trash being left overnight or unsecured, or bird feeders, or outside pet food storage, or even just BBQ grills that are left out with all that juicy, meaty goodness all over it," Pyle added.

    She says, while we need to be careful about food, it's also important to know that bears are actually pretty scared of people.

    If they do start running, they doesn't mean they'll necessarily want to run right up to you.

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