Fair Courts / Fair Votes town hall in Asheville spotlights NC legislative actions

voter town hall_0002_frame_792.jpg

Legal experts met with voters Tuesday night, concerned state lawmakers may illegally gerrymander state courts, taking control of the N.C. Supreme Court and limiting voting access through changes to the state constitution.

"What we're seeing now is the specter of new voting restrictions and the potential for zombie voting law to pair with our monster voting law from 2013," Democracy North Carolina's Jen Jones said.

Concerned voters and members of the legal community joined NC Voters for Clean Elections, Democracy NC, NC NAACP and Progress NC for a Fair Courts / Fair Votes town hall.

Among the topics discussed were a proposal to eliminate the election of judges, letting legislators pick judges with no oversight from voters, and a proposal that would force judges to run for re-election every two years (instead of four or eight).

State lawmakers head back to Raleigh in the middle of May.

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