Family still hopes for answers nine years after woman's death

Twenty-eight-year-old Charity Worley was found almost lifeless from a blow to the head outside her Barker Heights home, 9 years ago. (Photo credit: Worley family)

Sunday marked nine years since the high-profile murder of a Henderson County woman.

Twenty-eight-year-old Charity Worley was found almost lifeless from a blow to the head outside her Barker Heights home.

There were still no arrests, as of Sunday, even after a reward was offered by former governor Beverly Perdue.

Worley's uncle, Robby Suddeth, said he still believed his niece might have known her killer.

"I think that it it's possible that it was someone that Charity knew," Suddeth said.

Suddeth based that theory off the investigation, and just knowing his niece all her life.

"I can't imagine Charity letting a stranger get that close to her, especially at her house,” Suddeth said. “When, you know, all she had to do was just either scream or run inside."

Investigators said family members found her near her SUV outside the house she shared with her infant son, sister, and mother, Linda.

Linda died several years ago and that was about the last time, Suddeth said, investigators contacted him.

"Before, occasionally, I would hear from them,” Suddeth said. “Whether it's to call to ask me a question or just let me know what's going on. It's just like after Linda died they don't have someone just keeping after them."

He said the anniversary of Worley's death was painful.

"It hurts as much today as it did nine years ago," he said.

It remains an annual reminder of his family’s loss. "It being right at the holidays, too," Suddeth said.

"She was a great mom. She was a fun person to be around. She would light up a room where she come in. She had this silly little giggle that, and, she's missed," Suddeth said.

Nine years later Suddeth still holds out hope for answers.

"Somebody seen or heard something, and it may be something that they don't think is relevant, and it could be that one missing piece that they need,” Suddeth said. “As long as it's being kept out there in the public, I'm hoping that, you know, it will ring a bell. Somebody will come forward with it."

A spokesperson for the Henderson County Sheriff's Office said anyone with details about the case to call Crimestoppers at 828-697-STOP.

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