Female Law Enforcement Conference

EDNEYVILLE, N.C. -- More than 40 law enforcement officers from across the Tar Heel state, are receiving special training in Henderson County this week.

The conference is tailored to women who are serving at various agencies across the state.

It's put on by the North Carolina Law Enforcement Women's Association and they are getting hands on training to strengthen their role as female officers.

These women are among those in law enforcement who vow to protect and serve, across North Carolina.

Marsha Williams, Mecklenburg County "it teaches us leadership, but most of all I just like the sisterhood."

All coming together at the Justice Academy for a week of training, and sharing of experiences.

Latisha Allen, NC Law Enforcement Women's Association President "we try to focus on the things that we are dealt with on a daily basis, doing our duties."

Taking the training from the classroom to the firing range is one component. Practicing real life scenarios they may encounter, with the flip of a switch.

"The more training we get as female law officers, the better competent officers we will become."

Walking away even better equipped to serve their communities.

"I love helping people and i get to do that on a daily basis, working in law enforcement. I love it, absolutely love it."

This is the organization's 58th annual training conference. It wraps up on Friday.

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