Flames visible for 15 miles as Lenoir's Broyhill plant burns

    Photo: Kevin Tyler

    Flames ripped through a former furniture factory in Lenoir Sunday evening.

    A plume of smoke coming from the old Broyhill plant could be seen from up to 15 miles away.

    Every available firefighter in the area was called to the scene.

    Residents say they heard an explosion, and then saw the flames.

    Officials say Broyhill had been a fixture in Lenoir for some 80 years.

    "Its hard," said resident John Dugger. "It's like watching family member go goodbye."

    Part of the building was being torn down, and another area was converted into warehouses.

    The fire chief says drones are being used to help with the investigation, but that it'll likely be days before a cause can be pinpointed.

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