Florence adds 10 days to South Carolina voter registration deadline

Voting booth, Photo Date: November 5, 2012 (Photo credit: Lindsay D’Addato / WyoFile / CC BY 2.0)

South Carolina residents are getting an extra 10 days to register to vote in November because of Hurricane Florence.

A judge Tuesday approved South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson's request to extend the deadline to register to Oct. 17. Registration was scheduled to end Sunday.

Wilson asked the deadline be extended because some voter registration offices and many roads were closed for days or weeks because of flooding from the storm which struck last month.

The decision applies across South Carolina and to both in-person and mail-in registration.

The State Election Commission didn't oppose the extension.

The South Carolina State Election Commission offered the following ways to register to vote:

  1. Register online at scVOTES.org before midnight, Wednesday, Oct. 17 (requires SC Driver’s License or DMV ID Card).
  2. Register using the My scVOTES mobile app before midnight, Wednesday, Oct. 17 (available in the Apple and Google Play stores, requires SC Driver’s License or DMV ID Card).
  3. Download a voter registration form from scVOTES.org. Complete and return the form to your county voter registration office:
    --By fax (must be received before midnight, Wednesday, Oct. 17).
    --By email attachment (must be received before midnight, Wednesday, Oct. 17).
    --By mail (must be postmarked by Wednesday, Oct. 17).
  4. Register in person at your county voter registration office. Most offices will close at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 17 for in-office registrations. Check locally for specific hours.
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