Asheville food truck owner worries about cold spell

Kyle James waited to serve warm food Tuesday night. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Despite the cold weather, work goes on for many in the Asheville area. Outside New Belgium, the folks inside the Bun Intended food truck tried to drum up business.

Kyle James said the sun, not the temperature, is a better predictor of how busy they'll be.

"If the sun's out, Asheville's a town where people want to be outside. Regardless of the weather, if it's sunny, people will come outside," James, part owner of Bun Intended, said.

Things were fine inside the truck.

"We've got the grill on. We're cooking. It's always warm in here. It's when we come outside that it gets a little bit chilly," James said.

He said Tuesday was reasonable busy, but things slowed by 7:30 p.m. He's worried about the rest of the week, give the chilly forecast.

"It's gonna be a rough stretch for the food truck industry. We hope people will come out, and we'll provide the warm food for them," James said.

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