Wanda Greene, former county manager, & son indicted by grand jury

FILE - Wanda Skillington Greene and Michael Gene Greene face charges including conspiracy to embezzle, steal, obtain by fraud or misapply county funds and wire fraud offenses. (photo credit, WLOS Staff)

Former Buncombe County Manager Wanda Skillington Greene and her son and former county employee, Michael Gene Greene, have been indicted on embezzlement and fraud charges.

The charges were announced Thursday morning by U.S. Attorney R. Andrew Murray.

Records show that from October 2007 through February 2011 Wanda Greene's county credit card charges exceeded $208,000.

The released indictment charges the duo with conspiracy to embezzle, steal, obtain by fraud or misapply county funds and wire fraud offenses.

According to the indictment, beginning in around October 2007 and continuing through August of 2017, Wanda Green and Michael Greene conspired to embezzle thousands of government dollars.

Wanda Greene's lawyer Thomas Amburgey released a statement after the indictments were announced Thursday, saying in part, "At this point, my client is cooperating with the government and will continue to cooperate as long as her assistance is needed."

Federal prosecutors say Greene and her son misused their county-issued credit cards and cards distributed to other employees to make hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of improper purchases.

According to the indictment, over $10,000 in personal purchases, other than gift cards, were made at Target. Over $6,400 was spent at TJMaxx, and thousands more spent at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Tuesday Morning, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Office Depot and Toys “R” Us.

In addition, improper charges were found on Michael Green’e card from Amazon, Staples, Best Buy, Office Max and various other businesses.

In addition, the indictment says Wanda Greene repeatedly used her cards to purchase gift cards from various vendors. Those gift cards were then used to purchase personal items for herself and others.

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