Franklin police officer saves family dog with CPR

A Franklin police officer saved the life of a family dog by administering CPR and mouth-to-snout resuscitation.

Wednesday morning, Linda Marble called for help after her pomeranian named Ginger chewed through an old lamp cord and was shocked.

Officer Christy Osborne-Evans arrived at the home to find Ginger unresponsive. She removed the cord and immediately started CPR and mouth-to-snout breaths, reviving little Ginger, much to her owner's appreciation.

“She wouldn’t have made it if it hadn't been for her to come and help,” Marble said. “She helped save my dog, besides the Lord, because I was praying when she was doing it.”

“About the fifth time, I have her a big, long mouth-to-snout and I saw some little eyes blinking. And then she jumped up and ran off. So, I figured at that point she was OK,” Osborne-Evans said. “It's just something I learned on my own, because I have so many animals and I'm an animal lover."

All involved think a special bond has formed. Osborne-Evans said she'll come by from time to time to check on Ginger.

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