Good Samaritan rescues puppies found discarded in Dillsboro

Six puppies found in a cooler along a creek in Dillsboro. They are currently being taken care of at Jackson County's Humane Society, ARF. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Six newborn puppies have a new lease on life after someone dumped them along a creek in Dillsboro.

Phillip Turpin heard their cries on Friday afternoon across the creek at his workplace, Southern Concrete. He made three trips up and down the steep bank to rescue seven puppies.

“I got down to them and actually had to dig for them. They were in an old garbage dump on the side of the road there,” he said. “It looked like they had been thrown over the bank in an old cooler, but they had rolled down the bank near the creek.”

Turpin said he and his family cleaned and fed them and got them to ARF, which is the Humane Society of Jackson County. All but one of the puppies survived.

“We think that they're hound mixes, maybe some Blue Tick. It's possible there's some Walker,” ARF President Mary Adams said of the pups' breed.

“This doesn't need to happen. All people need to do is reach out and there are lots of people who want to help,” she added.

She and ARF will care for the pups for about nine weeks, feeding and fixing them. Then they’ll be ready for adoption.

“They're active dogs. They need a purpose. But they're very, very affectionate. So, if you like hounds, they will be great dogs,” she said.

If interested in adoption or making donations to help with food and medical care, you can contact ARF at, on Facebook at ARF Jackson County Humane Society, or you can call at 877-273-5262.

Turpin hopes for a much brighter future for the pups.

“I had a difficult time. But it was well worth it. I hope someone enjoys those dogs," he said. "I bet they will. They were awfully pretty."

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