Hardware store staff advises winter preps before the snow arrives

Photo: WLOS

With a chance of snow this week, people who love the outdoors soaked in what might have been the last really warm day of the year.

It's almost hard to believe after a perfect Sunday, but as some are out here enjoying the sun, others are getting ready for the possibility of snow.

We spoke with some staff at Ace Hardware Sunday afternoon, and they say snow and ice melt is a big seller, but they also recommend shovels, gloves, and more.

They say now, before winter weather starts, is the time to invest in preparations.

Some people in Asheville we met hanging out at Lake Julian Park say they're never surprised when the weather does turn.

"I just think this is typical Western North Carolina, having like a little bit of rain, little bit of cold days, and then all of a sudden it's warm, again. I just feel like it's going to change sporadically, as usual," said Tyler Shelton.

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