Canton Middle campus cleared, bomb threat 'not credible,' students returning

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    According to a message on the Haywood County Schools website, a bomb threat prompted school authorities to evacuate the Canton Middle campus Monday morning.

    Officials at Canton Middle School responded after learning that the threat was written on a restroom wall at school.

    Students were safely re-located to the stadium adjacent to the school, and at approximately 12:30 p.m. the Canton Middle School campus was cleared.

    Authorities say the threat was not credible. Students and staff returned to campus.

    The school made arrangements to assure students eat lunch.

    Parents say threats like this are worrisome, many who had come by waiting for word. "I just wanted to be close by and make sure they get back in the school safely," says Dolly Byrd.

    "The way school is nowadays you send them to school to be safe but you just never know," says Rich Gray. Gray's daughter Jayden is a 7th grader at Canton Middle.

    Any school threat hits him hard. He was involved in getting granite moved from Maine to Newtown, Connecticut as a memorial to the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012.

    "When things like this happen...even though it's was Sandy Hook. And it was Parkland a year ago," he says. "The handwriting on the stone is my daughter's handwriting when she was 6 years old."

    That memorial has since moved to a therapeutic riding center in another Connecticut town.

    Gray ended up relieved on this day to have the school day move along. with kids returning to class.

    At midday, they got the call from the school district they wanted to hear.

    "They're going to resume a normal schedule. The kids are going to eat lunch and the school has has been deemed safe," Byrd says.

    Putnam says school leaders will debrief from this threat, and see if there are areas to improve procedures.

    An investigation is under way into the perpetrator or perpetrators

    Parents/guardians with any questions are asked to contact Superintendent Bill Nolte.

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