Henderson County authorities ask people to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

Snow continues to fall in Henderson County where road conditions continue to deteriorate.

The sheriff’s office is asking residents to stay off the road unless they have four-wheel drive--and even then, they ask people to go out only if it’s an emergency.

Our News 13 crews spoke with one couple Sunday morning who were driving around in a truck, helping people in stranded vehicles.

When our crews caught up with Rebecca Moore Sunday morning she said she and her boyfriend had already helped 11 times, including a semi stuck at a gas station for hours.

“The thing is, I think it’s dumb for people to be out in the snow in small cars, but everyone’s got a family, so they need to get home with their family,” Rebecca said.

The sheriff’s office says that in addition to the snow, there are downed power lines and downed trees on the roads, making travel that much more dangerous.

Sunday afternoon in Henderson County, Duke Energy reports 11,976 customers without power.

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