Henderson County hit hardest in ice storm; some could wait days for power

    Photo: WLOS staff

    Duke crews are still out there, trying to deal with the mess Saturday night's ice storm left.

    We're told it could be days before thousands of customers have lights and heat back on.

    In Henderson County, we saw trees down and ice on power lines. We also saw traffic lights out along Asheville Highway.

    It's the same story for thousands of people across the mountains, but especially in Henderson County.

    The ice weighed down a lot of trees, causing them fall onto power lines. Power crews are working to restore electricity, but again, that could take days.

    We spoke with one family who lost power around 2:30 Sunday.

    They've been sitting in the dark ever since, but say they were prepared.

    "I brought wood in last night, so it would be dry. So we were kind of anticipating that the ice might bring some lines down," said Hendersonville resident Robyn Crawford. "We're a prepared as we could be. No milk and bread, but that's OK."

    "I don't do that," she said with a laugh.

    Sunday night at 10 and 11 p.m. we'll have some tips for viewers without power.

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