Hendersonville homeowner says thief stole Christmas package, sense of security

Surveillance footage from Joel Cason's Henderonville home on Dec. 23. Cason says surveillance video captured a man walking up to his front porch and walking off with a package. (Photo credit: Joel Cason/WLOS Staff)

A local homeowner is distraught by a package theft seen on camera days before Christmas. The camera mounted outside Joel Cason's door captured surveillance video of a man walking up to the front porch and walking off with a box. But the real gift lost, he claims, was his sense of security.

"An invasion of privacy - This is a quiet neighborhood, we don't have problems in here," Cason said. "That package missing, it just does something to you. It frightens you for your family, for your neighbors."

He says bad things just don't happen at Brightwater Heights subdivision, but in this case, he believes the opposite of Santa Claus stopped by. What's caught on surveillance video on December 23 is both off-putting and kind of odd.

"A car pulls in my drive way and the gentlemen gets out of the car and sets three empty gas cans onto my driveway," he says, describing the video. "Then he proceeds up the walk here under the porch, takes the package, goes back to his car."

He's still unsure why the man brought and left the gas cans behind, but the act captured on camera fuels lingering outrage on the day after Christmas.

"You know, this time of year especially," he told us. "You know, good will towards men, you should think about what you're doing when you walk up on somebody's porch and take something that's not yours. "

It was a gift for Joel from his wife, though he says whoever took it is likely to be very disappointed.

"I'm pretty sure he will be when he opens the box," Joel reveals. "A vegetable chopper. I like to cook and would use this for stews."

It retails for under 20 bucks, but Joel says the value of feeling secure in his own house is priceless. He has a message for the stranger on surveillance.

"He can have it. Merry Christmas," he said.

The Henderson County Sheriff's Office says there have been very few package theft incidents like this reported during the holiday season. Still, this incident is concerning to some in the neighborhood.

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