Hendersonville teen offers free haircuts for veterans

Kendall Burgess is giving free haircuts to veterans through Saturday. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Everyone enjoys getting a haircut, and at Studio Capelli in Hendersonville, Kendall Burgess enjoys giving people haircuts.

"I've wanted to do this since I was in seventh grade, so I'm really living the dream right now," Burgess said with a smile and a laugh.

News 13 found Burgess giving a haircut to Will Steiner, who recommends her cuts.

"Kendall's doing a fabulous job," he said.

That compliment came from a man who's had haircuts all over the world.

"I was Army," he said. "I was first of the 509 Airborne in Vicenza, Italy, at the close of Vietnam. Saigon's airport was shelled, and we turned back around and went back to Italy. So, that weekend, instead of being in Saigon, I was in Florence, Italy, which was fine with me."

You can expect Burgess to serve more veterans.

"I'm offering free cuts for veterans today and tomorrow," she said Friday.

When a 19-year-old gives back, her father gives praise.

"Beyond proud. I don't know that there is a word stronger than proud, but, if it did exist, that would be the word I'd use," said Jimmy Burgess, Kendall's dad.

"I just enjoy seeing smiles on people's faces, and I enjoy just seeing their face light up whenever they enjoy their haircut," she said.

"Really, really happy with this," Steiner said as he left.

"It really touches my heart to see people enjoy something I gave back to them," Burgess said.

She was cutting hair in a Marines shirt.

"This is actually for my dad, because he was a Marine Corps veteran," she said.

"I was in the Marine Corps reserves from 1991 to 1996," her dad said.

That means he gets a free cut, too.

"Like I need one," Jimmy laughed, because he doesn't have as much hair as he used to.

"Such a hard haircut," his daughter said.

Studio Capelli is on Greenville Highway in Hendersonville. Burgess is also donating any tips she receives to a local charity.

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