In Henderson County, family's message is 'drive safe, or stay home'

Photo: WLOS

On Saturday night, there are winter storm warnings in effect for parts of the mountains.

Freezing rain, ice and even snow could be a problem for many.

We ran into one family at Flat Rock Pizza along Interstate 26, where Brandon Trivette's son was celebrating his fourth birthday.

The Trivettes made sure to get the party in before the weather started turning for the worse. Trivette knows conditions on the road will worsen as the night goes on--and has some sound advice.

"People need to drive safe, you know? If you know you can't handle it, stay home," he said. "If you got 4-wheel-drive, people should still stay home. But drive safe on the interstate."

On Sunday evening it's raining, but wintry mix could arriving soon as temperatures hover around the freezing mark. Be careful, especially around bridges and overpasses, where black ice can form.

We've got a couple things going for us: it's Saturday, so most people are not working, and of course school is out.

If you have to be out be very careful: take it slow and leave plenty of space between vehicles.

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