Authorities release name of homicide suspect, 1st court appearance today

    Photo credit: Henderson County Sheriff's Office

    More details are being released after a homicide Tuesday night in Henderson County.

    The Henderson County Sheriff's Office received a call requesting a health and welfare check on a female at DuPont Estates Drive shortly after 9 p.m. on July 10, 2018.

    When they arrived, deputies found the person deceased, and immediately called the Violent Crimes Unit from the Sheriff's Office for further investigation.

    During the course of the investigation, deputies detained Terry Jason Brank, 35, of the same address.

    "He was around and he was there when the investigators got there originally and throughout different statements and interviews with the neighbors he was detained and later subsequently charged with first degree murder," says Major Frank Stout with the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.

    Brank was later charged with first-degree murder and is in the Henderson County Jail under no bond.

    Deputies have responded to this location numerous times in the past for domestic related calls for service.

    "There’s just been an extensive history throughout the years. Whether Mr. Brank was involved or others involved, this house has been a location where we are quite familiar with," says Major Stout.

    Following his initial first appearance in District Court of Henderson County this morning Terry Jason Brank remains in the Henderson County Jail under an $800,000 secured bond.

    Neighbors noticed Brank acting odd about 5 p.m. Tuesday.

    “He comes flying up here and like slides into our driveway, like half in the road still talking about how he’s got a card that he doesn’t have a PIN number to,” said Luke Brown. “He has all the information on it and somehow he needs to get into the account with like eight, nine hundred dollars, talking about what to do if that person dies today, all kinds of crazy stuff, ridiculous.”

    “He kept saying he was in big trouble, he’d done something wrong and, like I said, it didn’t add up,” said Lanta Galloway.


    It wasn’t until police and ambulance personnel came shortly after 9 p.m. that their suspicions had been confirmed.

    Laura Cox was found dead inside her home.

    Investigators are saying only that an edged weapon was involved.

    “He’s just crazy and on drugs, but I guess that’s what they do, but, yeah, I would not have pegged him as a person to do that. But I guess it goes to show, you really don’t know anyone,” said Brown.

    “We seen him drinking and, you know, she’s kicked him out a couple of times because of the drugs, but, like yesterday, he was wasted. He couldn’t even sit down without falling three times,” said Galloway.

    It’s a sad situation for those who knew Cox. Her best friend Vicky Seelig, who provided several pictures, described her as fun but someone who lived a tough life, made more complicated by Brank, who just moved back in at the end of May.

    An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.

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