Civil lawsuit filed against former Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan

    Photo credit: WLOS staff

    A former inmate has filed a civil lawsuit against former Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan, claiming he and the jail denied him proper medical care.

    The lawsuit:

    In the suit, Timothy Robinson describes an incident from 2014. He says he has high blood pressure, was prescribed medicine for it but wasn’t allowed to get that medicine.

    Instead, he claims he was given something else and developed muscle cramps, swollen feet and legs, headaches and other problems.

    When he asked to see a nurse, he claims he was denied.

    His condition worsened, he eventually collapsed and was transported to the hospital and treated, according to the suit.

    He claims former Sheriff Van Duncan failed to train, properly oversee supervise and direct the conduct of his employees.

    Current Sheriff Quintin Miller is also named in the suit. Robinson is seeking at least $10,000 in damages.

    Robinson made the same claims in a previous federal court case. That case was dismissed.

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